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Web Conference

We would like to set up a short web conference with you to explain our research methodology and perhaps review your universe.   

I am sure you will find our research very informative and fascinating.

Let us know when we can schedule a time for your personal webinar.
Find how to employ Money Flow ranking analysis in your stock selection process.
Optimize your stock selection process by screening results with Relative Performance analysis.
Screen, rank and prioritize all of your investment research inputs with our money flow / relative performance model.
Identify & isolate those persistently positive money flow stocks as potential Buy/Overweights.
Isolate those persistently negative money flow stocks as outright Sells/Underweights.
Employ realtive performance diffusion analysis in portfolio design and implementation
Employ money flow diffusion analysis in portfolio design and implementation.
Discover effective Sector rotation investment strategies based upon top-down analysis.

You Will Benefit Most from this Event if:

You find yourself unable to find time to explore new investment ideas and analysis but will take a conference call.
You are looking for a quant/tech factor to help prioritise your in-house and 3rd-party research.
You have all but given up with your current research.

Nobody can control the markets or the economy but we can help you control and prioritize your research inputs, attend this webinar to find out how.