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Located in Boston, The Brogan Group Research is a division of Wellington Shields & Co. LLC. member N. Y.S. E. . The Brogan Group Research is a multi-factor equity research service that blends quantitative analysis with technical, rule-based disciplines. Their primary mission is to provide profitable and timely investment recommendations, both long term & short term, to growth, value and hedge fund managers. They cover all domestic and foreign listed stocks in all markets.

In 1968, Bob Brogan, Sr, the head of the brogan group, started his career in institutional equity sales for Wertheim.
In 1974, Mr. Brogan, Joined Tucker Anthony R.L.Day where he was a managing director and head institutional sales for Stan Berge
During his 13 year tenure with Stan Berge, Mr. Brogan learned the art and science of appling macro economic, monitary & technical analysis to predict the primary and intermediate trend of the stock market.
Then April of 1987 (before the crash) Mr. Brogan started his own firm with a mission to build the first windows based technical & fundamental research software.
In 1988, Mr. Brogan cofounded Bomar Securities L.P. which created the world's first windows based technical & fundamental research software.
Reuters Ltd acquired Bomar Securities L P in 1992.
In 1992, Mr. Brogan, Sr. developed The Money Flow Persistency Model and began monitoring institutional portfolios.
Since 2000 when going H.G Wellington, The Brogan Group Research became a family managed research group with the addition of Bob Brogan's sons, who collectively have over 64 years of investment experience.
Todate, Brogan Group Research is working with institutional money managers who collectivly managing over $2 Trillion dollars in equity.
Brogan Group Research expertise is Money Flow & Relative Performance Analysis ~ our group monitors and provides money flow & relative performance analysis on the largest global database in existence.